Manchester United vs Young Boys 1-0 All Goals & Highlight HD

Manchester United vs Young Boys Goals & Highlight

Manchester United vs Young Boys 1-0 All Goals & Highlight HD

At last, Manchester United got the outcome they needed against Young Boys yet I was searching for significantly more from them – a major execution, or a sign something has clicked.

I ought not be astonished that I didn’t get it, in light of the fact that United have been frustrating all season.

Indeed, it is a positive that they uncovered the win with Marouane Fellaini’s damage time objective, and that they are into the last 16 of the Champions League.

It was a pivotal triumph on the grounds that generally United would have gone to Valencia in their last gathering amusement requiring an attract to advance. They would have been under genuine weight.

Depiction of Group H: Juventus are first and have qualified with 12, as have United who are second with 10. Valencia are third on five points and Young Boys fourth with one.

Presently the weight is off, yet it is ending up obvious that the odd great outcome does not influence the fundamental issues at Old Trafford.

You are in every case left asking similar inquiries – and the appropriate responses don’t change, notwithstanding when United win.

When I was watching them against Young Boys, I was supposing do United have enough innovativeness in midfield? The appropriate response is no.

Do they have the conviction and fellowship they have to test for titles and trophies? No.

Does Jose Mourinho know his best group? No.

Does it appear as though the players are for the most part playing for the director? Once more, it is a no.

In this way, in spite of the fact that they are securely through in Europe, its absolutely impossible they look like potential champs. When you take a gander at the best groups in that opposition, at that point United are miles behind.

Marouane Fellaini scores United’s champ against Young Boys

Fellaini’s champ against Young Boys came in the 91st moment, with United’s 21st endeavor at objective

Jose Mourinho has won the Champions League twice previously, with Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010, yet I simply don’t see it happening again for him with this United group.

Obviously he can get them sorted out yet they are going need significantly more than that.

I realize they have some quality players as well, yet right now something unmistakably isn’t right, and it doesn’t look like Mourinho can settle it.

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